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Denise Landis, Tour Director

Hello!  Have you gotten a little older but still feel like a 20 year old ready to travel the world?  Well, that’s me!

I am a retired mental health care administrator & therapist, turned “long-overdue” fine artist (http://www.landisworks.com), and now looking for an avenue to inspire intellectually, emotionally, physically, and artistically.  What better way to meet these goals than to become a tour director/guide?  My interests vary but my specialties are Arizona Native America, Fine & Folk Arts, and AZ/CA specialty wine vineyards, preferring to work with like-minded adults.  However, I like working with people of all ages and interests.  I can design a tour just for you.

I prefer:

Excitement with moments of calm & tranquility (& plenty of photo ops);

Education with a spontaneous playfulness;

Comfort with chances to push the body for strength & health;

As well as, safety, with opportunities for thrill-seeking ruggedness.

I can offer strategically planned private tours in your own vehicle; work with established tour companies as local guides in Arizona & the Southwest; Luxury Coach/Cruise/Rail US and International Tours, as well as VIP Tours.

You name it and I am “probably game”.   Almost anything goes.  However, I have my limits…. Just ask.

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