Oscars in Hollywood

Oscars Prepping

Oscars Prepping

The Oscars are abuzz in Hollywood now. I’ve just returned from a tour to Los Angeles that included a visit to Hollywood Boulevard where my 50 passengers and I saw the Dolby Theater (the site for the Academy Awards), the Walk of Fame, the TCL Chinese Theatre, and Roosevelt Hotel.

Here’s a behind the scenes look of the Oscar statues being readied in preparation tents across the street from the Dolby.  There were also tons of Mini Oscars for the tourists visiting this famous site of the Academy Awards.

Souvinirs Anyone?

Souvenirs Anyone?

Dolby Theater

Dolby Theater


2 thoughts on “Oscars in Hollywood

  1. I wonder if the tour would let you stay on the red carpet until all of the major stars arrived and you had a chance to talk to all of them? Probably not, but I suppose you never know until you try.

    • That would be a great tour!!! Most LA City Tours can’t get near the red carpet today so cancel the Hollywood Blvd. route on Academy Awards Sunday. The red carpet is laid and things are busy today as seen by earth cam. As a dreamer (such as yourself), a tour for “Starstruck diehards” might be possible if you were dropped off the day before and picked up on Monday. Two nights of street sleeping required probably! But hey, you never know, some tour company may just offer luxurious digs with months in adavnce planning. I will research. Thanks JW!

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